Pre & Post Natal Ultra Mat ZGTV Information

The new generation of pre and post natal workouts.


With the massive following (70k per workout) we had with our Instagram live Ultra Mat Pilates pre natal sessions with our lovely Rochelle Humes, we have decided to run the very best virtual sessions that are safe (for you and baby), informative, fun and very effective!


Staying in shape during pregnancy has numerous advantages for overall well-being, fitness, body tone, boosting your energy and helping with development of baby (and babys brain growth).


Our Ultra Mat Pilates pre & post natal sessions are widely regarded as the best forms of exercise as it is low impact, safely increases physical health, mental health with a major focus on all the deep core, postural and stabilising muscles you will use throughout pregnancy and after, once baby is here.


Building a connection with your body before and after giving birth will help you during labour and help to get your body back sooner once baby is here! Our degree educated sport science led team will reinforce why you are exercising a certain muscle group and the pre/post natal benefits it has on the body.


This is by far the safest and most effective workout for mummies and mummies to be on the market, with many mums to be working out with us up until their due date.



Is this for me

If you are finding it difficult to get time to go to the gym or do not live close to one of our boutique studios this way of training allows you to find a spare 45 minutes in your day to have an amazing class in your very home.


All classes are full body sessions for pre and post natal ladies, with science, knowledge and fantastic instruction so you know what muscles you are working, why your are working them, the results you will get from exercising that muscle group & benefits for baby. Each trimester brings different challenges for your body but with our knowledgeable team on hand we will tailor classes that re-energise you, strengthen you and make you feel amazing.


Working on deep core, pelvic floor, postural and alignment exercises we prepare your body for labour and once baby is here. Post pregnancy is always a testing time mentally and physically, we feel it is imperative you build your body from in to out (working deep core muscles and progressing to your superficial ones). This will safely and correctly prepare your body for further strenuous forms of exercises without you injuring your body or increasing the separation of your abdominals (we focus on pulling them back together).



Exercising from home

The beauty of this method of training, is that it can be done at any time in your own home from just a Mat and your bodyweight. With many of our followers living in different cities in the UK, and in different countries such as The States, to Dubai, to Australia and Switzerland our virtual sessions allows anyone to get involved.


A phone, tablet, laptop, and tv can all be used to watch our virtual sessions as it is available on IOS, Android, Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire Stick. Sessions are scheduled throughout the month and once available you can re-watch over and over again in that month as they become On-Demand.




How does the ZGTV work?

This is the easy part, click on the link below to join our ZGTV. There is a minimum of 10 sessions throughout the month. There are also some of our famous Instagram Live Pre & Post-natal workout Replays with our favourite celebrities. For just £5.99 a month you will join our Zero Gravity Ultra Mat Pre & Post Natal subscription. No other fitness company offers such a comprehensive virtual package at such an amazing price. Please click the tab below to join what The Telegraph quoted as” the exercise which all the celebrities are doing”.


The subscription is on a month to month basis, with you needing to renew monthly to get your next instalment of HIITPI. There is also options to subscribe for 3 months, 6 months and 12 months upfront.


Join now for just £5.99