“The workout all the celebrities are doing.” (The Telegraph, June 2020)

At Zero Gravity Pilates, we pride ourselves on our unique offering, and our commitment to helping you achieve your goals – whatever they may be. Our classes, and each individual exercise, have been developed by Britain’s leading Sports Conditioning and Rehabilitation experts to ensure you get the most out of your workout. Whether you want to lose weight, tone up, rehabilitate from an injury, get in shape during or after your pregnancy or just simply feel great – we are here to help.


All of our trainers are equipped with endless enthusiasm and the highest standards of education in Anatomy, Physiology and corrective functional exercise training. But here’s a warning: this is a workout like no other, so be prepared to work your body to the max and reap the results!


Once you have completed your first Zero Gravity session, you’ll never look back and your body will thank you for it!


Our offerings

We are proud to offer two celebrity-acclaimed workout options, to enable you to exercise wherever and whenever you want. Experience our small group Reformer Pilates classes at a Zero Gravity Pilates studio near you, or choose from one of our many on-demand ZGTV Ultra Mat, HIIT Pilates, Resistance Ultra Mat, YOGA, Celebrity Colabs, Mummy To Be sessions in the comfort of your own home, wherever you are in in the world.

Whatever your fitness level and ability, our team of Ultra Pilates expert specialists will put you through your paces, adapting the exercises to suit your needs and ability, and ensuring that every session counts, whether in the studio or at home.


With a strong emphasis on “results” we will make you bodily aware in each and every session, ensuring that you adopt the correct form and describing each exercise in detail so that you know what muscles you are working and why. The scientific knowledge behind each exercise and what it does for your body, and the structure behind how we design both our in-studio and virtual sessions, mean you will get the best possible results… fast and with minimum risk of injury.


Our promise to you is that no Zero Gravity class will ever be the same and you will always come back for more; it’s simply addictive! Our instructors are uniquely individual and will put their own special twist on each exercise, so you are guaranteed never to be stuck in an exercise rut.


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