We at Zero Gravity Pilates are Ultra Pilates specialists run by Britain’s leading Sports Conditioning and Rehabilitation experts.

We pride ourselves on our highest standards of education in Anatomy, Physiology and corrective functional exercise training. You will not find an exercise trainer in our award winning studios or training you virtually without a BSc Sports Science degree behind their name. We strive to change your body and reach your training goals, so if an exercise trainer does not know their stuff, you will not find them at Zero Gravity Pilates!


Zero Gravity Pilates is unique to what any exercise company has to offer. We are elite and innovative in what we do, with very small efficient and effective In-Studio Reformer Pilates classes we do not believe in sessions that are oversubscribed with loads of bodies and a trainer who cannot watch your every move.


We shy away from being called a “gym”, we are a warm, inviting exercise studio with the latest specialised equipment with great music in every session. The trainers are not “too serious” (we smile) and will certainly not shout at you like you are in the military if you cannot complete a exercise.


Virtually we offer the very best Ultra Mat Pilates sessions that you will not find anywhere else. With a key emphasis on “results”, we make you bodily-aware in each session by describing each exercise in detail so you know what muscles you are working and reason why we are working them. The scientific knowledge behind each exercise and what it does for your body, and structure in how we design our virtual sessions means you will get the best possible results…..Fast!  


How do I decide what class I want to do and how do I book?

We are so confident in our ability to produce a classes which will have you addicted after just 1 session, we offer you a complimentary FIRST CLASS FREE In-Studio on our unique Pilates Reformers! If you enjoy the experience with us we then sell blocks of In-Studio classes (10-20-30 and 50), which give you the flexibility to book into whatever session you like In-Studio.


Please click on the “Place A Booking In-Studio” tab at the top of the screen to see our online In-Studio training schedule. In-Studio Classes can be booked through this online schedule, if you would prefer for us to do this for you please contact or call 01707 654949.


Tip: Make sure the location on our In-Studio online schedule is set to your preferred training destination before booking.


If you are not in the vicinity of our boutique Studio’s, our virtual Ultra Mat Pilates sessions will give you the options of getting all of Zero Gravity from your very home. This unique, effective, core blasting workout has taken Britain and The US by storm with many celebrities raving about this virtual brand of training. 



Zero Gravity Body Changing Benefits
“Expect a new body in 6 weeks with our life changing exercise” ~ Chris Richardson (Manager)


  • Sculpt a new waist This will be the first thing you notice change in your body.
  • Toned arms and legs Those pesky backs of arms will be a thing of the past.
  • Peachy bum You will see the shape in your bum change for the better – firm glutes! The remedial aspect is that your glutes offer fantastic lumbar support which is good for your back.
  • Improved core-stability Every exercise will challenge your core. Even when we focus for example on your legs you will still find we are challenging your core due to our state of the art equipment.
  • Improved posture Opening up the shoulders, standing taller and holding yourself correctly through the upper-mid back will help combat sitting at a desk / sat in a car all day.
  • Reduction in aches and pains Every exercise is followed by a deep muscular stretch which have you feeling 7ft tall and iron out any aches you have been feeling in the body.
  • Superior ability to strengthen the entire body You may find you are stronger on one side, or can stabilise better on the other. With our dynamic sessions you will become equal as you become as strong on your left as your right.
  • Firmer Inner Thighs Every Ladies big want is “thigh gap”, this will give you that! inner things will become firm an toned. Expect to see the diameter become much smaller around your legs.