HIITPI (HIIT Pilates) Online Class Subscription

Welcome to the next generation of HIIT (high intensity interval training)!


This form of exercise has taken the traditional HIIT ( which everyone does ) and has turned it on its head to create the most unique, innovative, most effective calorie burning class, only exclusive to Zero Gravity Pilates.


With a unique blend of our (Ultra Mat Pilates) core blasting, posture building, muscle leaning and glute clenching exercises with incorporated elements of calorie burning High Intensity Interval moves, this 60 minute session is guaranteed to burn upto 738 calories in every session… FACT!


As with all our classes we offer, each exercise has science and methods behind it! There is a purpose to each exercise with all moves being explained in full detail so you have the correct posture, alignment and form (even when you are pushing yourself at your optimum during the hiit) . We will tell you the reason for each exercise, why we are performing it and the results you will get from each exercise.


Expect to shed excess fat, burn calories and shape/tone your body like nothing else on the market does. You will see results from as early as 14 days with the your abdominals toning, waist drawing inwards, Legs becoming longer & firmer, posture opening and lengthening the body, arms toning with ‘lean’ muscle and body fat percentage dropping.


Each exercise we relate back to our methods of Isolate, fatigue, stretch so as you feel the burn as we pulse, hold, pulse and pulse some more, there will be muscle lengthening stretches after each exercise so we keep improving your flexibility, range of movement and therefore strength/tone.


The results are amazing, you will feel incredible, look fantastic and be addicted to the Zero Gravity HIITPI workout.


Is this for me?

If you are finding it difficult to get time to go to the gym or do not live close to one of our boutique studios this way of training allows you to find a spare 60 minutes in your day to have an amazing class in your very home.


All classes are full body sessions, with science, knowledge and fantastic instruction so you know what muscles you are working, why your are working them and the results you will get from exercising that muscle/ muscle group. There are elements of intense cardio in this session, followed by elements of slow and controlled Pilates exercises.


We will repeat the form and technique we want to see in each exercise so you move correctly and safely, optimising the efficiency of your workout. With many options to progress each exercise or regress it, these sessions are for all ability/fitness levels, just prepare to sweat like you have not sweated before!


Exercising from home

The beauty of this method of training, is that it can be done at any time in your own home from just a Mat and your bodyweight. With many of our followers living in different cities in the UK, and in different countries such as The States, to Dubai, to Australia and Switzerland our virtual sessions allows anyone to get involved.


A phone, tablet, laptop, and tv can all be used to watch our virtual sessions via zoom.


All you need to do is download zoom and our unique links we send you will direct you straight to the live session or recording.   


How does the subscription work?

This is the easy part, once you have decided to join our gang we will send you unique links which will allow you to view our live sessions. The live sessions are 60 minutes long with the recordings sent to you after encase you missed the class. These recordings can be viewed for 7 days after the class ends.


The subscription is on a month to month basis, with you needing to renew monthly to get your next instalment of HIITPI.  


This sounds amazing, what is the cost and how do I join?

For just £3.96 a month you will join our Zero Gravity Pilates HIITPI subscription. That is just 99p a week! The HIITPI session is 10am each Saturday and Wednesday!


Please complete the form below to purchase, read and sign the T & Cs, then sit tight as we send you your unique zoom links and class schedule for the month.


Welcome to the Zero Gravity community, Happy Training!