HIITPI ZGTV Information

Pilates, but not as we know it! Get ready for the ultimate fat burning, high octane Pilates at-home workout, which will push you to the max and sculpt and tone your body to perfection.


Combining the unique Zero Gravity Ultra-Mat Pilates moves, interspersed with short sharp High Intensity cardio exercises, these 30, and 45-minute workout sessions will shock your body, burning up to 738 calories for maximum results.


Learn to love the infamous bunny jumps and burpees that will raise your heart rate and help you to burn calories long after your session is done and recover with the slower pace Ultra Mat Pilates moves, interspersed with much needed stretches, that will help to lengthen and strengthen your muscles.


Suitable for all ages and abilities, these sessions are progressive so that you can workout alongside your chosen trainer at your own level and pace, ensuring you keep correct form throughout.


Our unique HIT PI sessions only require a mat and a whole heap of energy and are definitely not for the faint hearted, but the results speak for themselves.


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